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Unsure about preserving your flowers? This one is for you!

pressed wedding bouquet, color corrected
11x14 White Frame

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, laughter, and happy memories.

Amidst all the love and joy, one thing often overlooked saving your beautiful bouquet, a symbol of the beginning of your journey together. At the end of the night it is often thrown away, or hung upside down in a closet. But instead of letting those precious flowers fade away in a forgotten vase, why not consider turning them into a timeless piece of art?

Pressing your wedding bouquet in a frame isn't just about preserving flowers; it's about encapsulating the memories and emotions of that special day. Imagine being able to glance at your bouquet, perfectly preserved, and instantly be transported back to that magical moment when you said, "I do."

Let's talk practicality – weddings can be expensive! Your bouquet is a significant investment, and by pressing and framing those blooms, you're extending the life and value of your floral arrangement. It's like getting a bonus return on an already precious investment. We encourage couples to put it on their registry! Time & time again we hear it was the most thoughtful gift couples ever received.

Turning your bouquet into a framed masterpiece makes for a unique and meaningful heirloom. Forget the dust-collecting trinkets – opt for a piece of art that tells your love story. With each passing year, that framed

bouquet becomes more than just flowers; it becomes a cherished family heirloom, a piece of your history to be passed down through generations.

Preserve your wedding bouquet, and let the blooms tell the tale of your love for years to come!

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