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Air Dried Bouquets

We are so happy to announce that we will now be able to press air- dried bouquets! Please note that at this time we are requiring a picture to confirm that your flowers are not too fragile to under-go this process.

A bit about our process: 

Once they arrive we will rehydrate your flowers & put them into a press. Once dried they will be color corrected & arranged.

It important to note that these pressed flowers do look different than bouquets that are fresh when pressed. See pictures below. We are very happy we are now able to service brides who may have overlooked pressed preservation at their time of the big day!

At this time frame sizes will be limited to 11x14 & prices will be set at 350$

Tell me more about you & your flowers!

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Thanks for submitting! Expect to hear from us within 7 business days!

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