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One on one design service

Every client at Hudson Stems will receive a mock up of their design for them to review & make any changes they would like to see in your final framed piece. This process allows clients to make any changes, ensuring they will love their final design. 

This is an exclusive service unique to Hudson Stems 

Color Correction Services

At Hudson Stems we go through the added lengthy process of color correcting your flowers. This is at no additional  cost to our clients.  Preservation artists will always warn about your flowers changing or fading significantly in the press. However with our exclusive color correcting processes, it significantly reduces this from happening. 

This is an exclusive service unique to Hudson Stems 

Leading Experts in Floral Preservation

At Hudson Stems our goal is always to be the best in the industry. With exclusive leading methods not used by any competitors in the industry, we can confidently say we are.  

Meet the Makers

Hello there! My name is Miriam and I am the creative mind behind Hudson Stems! I am a California native, who spent much of her late teens in Oaxaca, Mexico. Though we now live in the Lower Hudson Valley.


I began my flower journey as a pandemic hobby. I'd always had a love for flowers + thought I might learn to be florist. I then came across a video all about pressing flowers + decided to try & learn how to press flowers! I asked my husband Vince to make me a few flower presses and pressed any flowers I could get my hands on, and slowly taught myself the art of pressing flowers + that's how HudsonStems was born. 

I pour lots of love in to pressing all the flowers that come through my  studio. 


When i'm not pressing flowers we love spending time with friends, gardening, enjoying the outdoors + probably laughing. 

Can't wait to hear from you,


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