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Terms & Conditions 

Please note that by purchasing your frame you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

I would like to preface this by saying please know that I am always eager to find a solution for you & that customer service is something that is very important to us!


- I understand that I am responsible for the cost of shipping my flowers to Hudson Stems


- I understand that if I do not follow shipping instructions & my flowers arrive in bad shape I will be responsible for the cost of repurchasing flowers, as a refund will not be offered since instructions were not followed.


- I understand that colors may change in the press.


- I understand that if I would like replacements for a flower type that didn't travel well, I will be responsible for the wholesale cost. 


- I understand that I am responsible to include a note inside the box with my order number, & contents of the box. As if not noted smaller items may go un-noticed and be tossed.


- I understand that I should remove any ribbons unless I specifically request BEFOREHAND - to include them in the framed arrangement.

-  I understand that Hudson Stems provides a tailored pressing service based on the size of the frame purchased by the client. For instance, if a client buys an 8x10 frame and sends us  1 whole bouquet and an 1 centerpiece, only the flowers required to fit within the 8x10 frame will be pressed. This approach ensures that services are priced according to the specific needs of the client, providing a customized and efficient service. Of course we often press more than needed, & extras are always sent back free of charge.


- I understand that Hudson Stems ships completed frames with UPS. 


- I understand that completed frames are shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested for delivery to a USPS P.O. box, which requires explicit instruction.

- I understand that Hudson Stems cannot be held responsible for lost packages.

- I understand that this process can take anywhere from 10-18 weeks.

- I understand that I will be sent a mock up and I am to make any edits I would like to see. 

- I understand that the color of my flowers may change or fade overtime, and that is organically occurring. 

- I understand that dry flowers like dry places and damp/humid areas would not be ideal. ( i.e. restrooms, basements with no airflow, storage units , etc) This can expedite the fading process.

- I understand that direct sunlight will expedite the fading process

- I understand that my mock up & final frame may have minor discrepancies. I understand that at the time of framing there are circumstances I may not be aware of that may lead to these decisions & Hudson Stems reserves the right to make small edits in the final framing process. 


- I understand that full refunds are available if cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the event. A 30% refund is provided if cancellation occurs between 30 days and the event date. No refunds are offered for cancellations made after the event date, considering the limited availability and inability to rebook work.

- Returns on custom items are not accepted since it is a bespoke frame that you approved. 

Please note our terms and conditions are subject to our copyright. We do not take copyright infringement lightly.

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