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  • How far out should I book you?
    its never too soon! it always makes me sad to have to turn away a client so by booking in advance you lock in your spot!
  • How will I get my flowers to you?
    Local drop off's can be made to my studio or home in Pine Bush, NY For any out of state brides, you will receive an email following your purchase with shipping and care instructions to make sure your flowers arrive in the best condition possible! The majority of the bouquets I press are from out of state!
  • How much should I expect to pay for shipping my flowers to you?
    Once you purchase your frame you will immediately received detailed instructions on how to send your flowers! One of our biggest perks is we partner with Pirate Ship, a website offering discounted UPS labels. We encourage all of our clients to use to get an shipping estimate. Our zip code is 12566. Our shipping information goes over box sizes & weight. We want to help you get the best rates & service possible.
  • How long should I expect to wait?
    The entire process can take up to 2 - 4 months to complete. Please note that this timeline is subject to fluctuate & we will be sure to communicate that! We will never rush your flowers & sacrifice quality!
  • Will you press each flower in my bouquet?
    Most will be pressed, but not all will be pressed. Our focus will be flowers in the best condition because those will press the best and look the best in your frame! Our team goes through and selects the flowers with the best quality & condition. We make sure we have enough to fill the frame size you have purchased.
  • Are there any flowers that cannot be pressed?
    I try my best to press all types of flowers! However there are flowers that have a very high water content and therefore they do not do well in the press, when you contact me we go over your flower types to make sure your bouquet is "pressable"!
  • What's included in a shipping kit?
    Shipping kits are available as an add on ; this kit includes everything you need to send your flowers to us after your wedding day*!! This is an optional add on ; all materials in our guide to shipping us your flowers can be gathered on your own, however this is an option to for-go the gathering and have us mail you all the supplies! This kit will be mailed out to you 2/3 weeks before your event! **The cost of shipping your fresh flowers to us will be covered by you.
  • Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?
    Yes of couse! This would make a super thoughtful gift. You can do so via our gift card page!!
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