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Color Correction & Pressed Wedding Bouquets!

When we first opened Hudson Stems we embraced organic floral preservation & did not see the value in color correcting. Even though we communicated that part of the process, over time we got many brides wondering why their flowers had faded so fast. & many expressed disappointment.

There we decided that we had to figure out how to color correct pressed wedding bouquets. & MY OH MY did our hard work pay off.

The facts are the facts :

Pressed flowers fade SIGNIFICANTLY over time. There's no way around that. UNLESS color corrected. At Hudson Stems we developed our exclusive propitiatory process of color correction, that will ensure the changes in your frame are minimal overtime. We have included a few examples below!

The flower that I am holding below is a flower fresh out of the press. It is a peach rose, however these are notorious for browning & loosing their color in the press.

color correction enhancement pressed wedding flowers

These are the results once flowers are Color Corrected as you can see every color is vibrant and represented SO WELL:

color correction enhancement pressed wedding flowers

While many popular preservation companies will warn you to expect your flowers to change in the press. At Hudson Stems we are happy to share that this does NOT apply to us! We restore colors to the way exact match, or as close as we can to the colors that were in your bouquet on the day of your wedding!

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