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How this works

Step 1:

Use the contact us page! Give me details like when your wedding is, what frame you're interested in and any questions you might have. I promise to get back to you as quickly as I can.

Step 3 :

Once I receive your flowers I will put them into the press and the preservation process will begin. Once dry I  will take them out of the press and start on a design, I will email you a mock up and ask you if theres any changes I can make for you!

Step 2 :

Once I answer all your questions and you've decided to book with me (yay!) I will reserve your date and arrange how I will get your flowers.


(The sooner your reserve your date the better, since i'm limited with how much work I can take on ) 

Step 4 : 

Once we've finalized the design together I will frame them, package it and ship them to you!! 

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