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What we do:

At Hudson Stems we celebrate quality, art, and timelessness.


We dry, press, and preserve flowers from any special event, turning them into an heirloom piece of art that you will cherish forever.

We are located in the Hudson Valley , NY however our services extend nationwide.

Hudson Stems Pressed Forals

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Kind Words

“My pressed bouquet was well worth the wait! I was hesitant to buy another wedding-related item after so many other expenses, but I’m so happy I did! I love having this keepsake from our day. We loved our wedding flowers and now we can keep them forever."

- Erin

“This is our second time ordering from Miriam and she continues to deliver a quality and absolutely gorgeous product. Hudson Stems quality & price is unmatched. 


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Hudson Stems is a Pressed Bouquet Shop!

At Hudson Stems once your flowers are pressed and dry we color enhance your pressed flowers to avoid fading over time! 

It's important to know that unless your

preservation artist of choice offers color correction your pressed flowers will fade drastically over time.

+ if you would not like your flowers color corrected, not a problem, just let us know! 


About our
p r e s s i n g methods.

Keep Your Flowers & Memories



We totally get it, sometimes time just runs out. We are more than

happy to accommodate last minute brides! Click below & scroll to the bottom!

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